“A Beautiful Life” Kirkland, WA – August 12, 2020

Arte Italica, a leading provider of Italian handmade tabletop and home accessories for nearly a quarter century is pleased to announce its merger with Crown Linen Designs. Crown Linen Designs, a lifestyle brand of European linen apparel, tabletop and home accessories was founded by Victoria Fanning in 2014 and has become one of the industry’s most dynamic brands. The combined company will be led by Co-Chief Executive Officers Chris Collins and Victoria Fanning with each continuing to focus on their respective brands. “I am absolutely thrilled” said Victoria Fanning, “I have loved Arte Italica since purchasing my first, of many, pieces in 1999. Our look has always been influenced by Arte Italica, which makes them pair so naturally. We share the same vision of providing customers distinctive, timeless, everyday pieces for creating a beautiful home and a beautiful life. I think this partnership was always meant to be.” Chris Collins adds: “It did not take long to conclude that this is a perfect marriage - particularly for our customers. Merging our lines brings our table and home offerings to a level of beauty and elegance that is unmatched in this or any industry. The quality, sophistication, and uniqueness of our pieces come together to complete the beauty of the table and the home. "This is a partnership where one plus one will equal three.”

Arte Italica and Crown Linen Designs will present their Fall 2020 line via their online virtual showroom beginning August 17. They will also offer dedicated video conferencing appointments to their retailers beginning the same date.

Visit or or follow them on Instagram for more details. 



Victoria Fanning
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Our Virtual Showroom | Crown Linen Designs

Our Virtual Showroom

We are so excited to announce our brand new Virtual Showroom!

Now that Arte Italica and Crown Linen Designs are one company, we wanted to find the best way to showcase how beautiful our collections look together. 

Click Here to Tour Our Virtual Showroom!

Just navigate by selecting the floor you would like to see in the bottom left corner of the window and navigate by clicking the circles on the ground! Loading the 360° view will take a moment so as you navigate allow your browser a moment to fully load in, images are crystal clear once completely loaded. 

Is your business interested in carrying Crown Linen and Arte Italica? Book an appointment with us by clicking below and we will give you a personalized  tour of our showroom with Zoom.

Click Here to Book a Tour of Our Showroom 

Victoria Fanning
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